New Onesie Body Monitor Tracks Baby’s Health on Your Phone

Photo via Mimo Baby

Photo via Mimo Baby

Anxious new parents everywhere can breathe a big sigh of relief, thanks to Rest Devices’s new “smart baby monitor.” Adorably dubbed the Mimo Kimono, the smart baby monitor is a sensor-based onesie which, when worn, conveniently tracks a baby’s respiration, sleep position, activity level and body temperature. So essentially, it’s a fitness tracker for infants. Parents are updated in real-time through a web and mobile app. Doesn’t technology just blow your mind?

The Mimo Kimono was created by a group of MIT alums who wanted to provide newborn parents with some peace of mind. Because anyone who’s ever been a parent—or spent five minutes with one—knows: They are a stressed out bunch.

So how does this wonderful invention work? Well, it’s actually surprisingly simple: The onesie is embedded with two diagonal sensors tracking the baby’s movements and breathing. These sensors are cleverly disguised within green fabric strips resembling vines. At the end of the vines, there’s a mount for a plastic turtle-like module that captures the data. All of this stress-relieving info is then relayed to the parents in real-time through a low-energy Bluetooth connection in the “turtle.”

And get this. The kimono is totally washable (on the gentle cycle) and even the turtle can survive a spin in the wash, although it’s suggested that you remove it before doing laundry.

While the onesie isn’t designed to prevent, diagnose or gather data on childhood ailments and conditions like Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, it will certainly provide new parents with some much-needed relief. And the company isn’t stopping here: As co-founder Carson Darling told Science Blog, “We know SIDS, for instance, is a big worry for parents. In the a future, a medical device is something we’re interested in, but not quite yet.”

Mimo Kimonos are set to hit stores very soon, and as of now pre-sales are sold out. Starter packs, which include three onesies, one turtle and a lilypad, go for $199.99, with two-packs of additional onesies in other sizes (minus the hardware) going for $29.99. You can sign up to find out when more units are available here.

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