Whole Foods Has a Deal on Groupon Right Now

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 4.44.28 PM

Not sure if any of you saw this, but I got some weird invite-only email from Groupon yesterday saying they were running some secret deal with Whole Foods that was only available to invitees. One day later, that deal is now open to the masses, so if you’re a regular Whole Foods shopper—and, for some reason, not on Groupon’s super secret deal list—you can get the deal now, too.

It’s this: Pay $5 and get a $10 gift card good at any Whole Foods Market store. I know, I know—it’s not a HUGE discount, but it’ll save you a few bucks on your next shopping trip. That’s like, two rides on SEPTA, if you need some perspective. (Unless you’re paying with tokens, then it’s 2.5 rides. BOOM.) You’re only allowed one voucher per person.

Get in on it here. (Weirdly, it won’t let me link directly to the deal page. You have to type “Whole Foods Market” into the search bar to find it. Who comes up with this stuff?)

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