National Margarita Day: Where to Find Skinny Margaritas in Philly Restaurants



In case you didn’t know, the most beloved holiday of the year is tomorrow: National Margarita Day! I’m all for a day dedicated to margaritas because, hellooo, a day dedicated to margaritas inevitably morphs into a day devoted to guacamole, and who doesn’t want that? But while I love a good margarita, I’m not such a fan of the sugary drink’s nutrition facts: Margaritas can have anywhere between 170 and 500 calories. Um, can you say calorie-bomb?

But not to worry, friends. The skinny margarita is here to save the day. With a lower sugar count, you can down a couple of these delicious drinks without consuming a birthday cake’s worth of calories. Amen to that! Look below to find five Philly restaurants where you can score a skinny margarita to sip.

And note: If you can’t make it to any of these spots tomorrow but you still want to celebrate, here’s an insider tip from a former margarita-slinger herself. Most Mexican restaurants can make a skinny margarita, even if it isn’t offered on the menu. Many use agave as the sweetener in freshly-made margaritas, so when you order, just ask them to go light on the agave (you could even specify that they should use half the amount); omit the triple sec (one ounce of the stuff adds about 45 calories); and BAM—you’ve got yourself a de facto skinny margarita. You’re so very welcome.

La Calaca Feliz: Chiquita Margarita (Note: Be Well editor, Emily  wrote a rave review of this drink awhile back.)
2321 Fairmount Avenue, Fairmount

Cantina Dos Segundos: Skinny Girl Margarita
921 North 2nd Street, Northern Liberties

Tequilas: Skinny Margarita
1602 Locust Street, Rittenhouse

El Vez: La Flaquita Rita
121 South 13th Street, Center City

Taqueria Feliz: Chiquita Margarita
4410 Main Street, Manayunk 

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