#YourSexualHealthMatters Teen Pregnancy Prevention Campaign Launches in Philly


Photo via I Matter

The birds and the bees talk is awkward, to say the least. Most teens are too busy trying to diffuse their embarrassment with exaggerated eye rolls and snarky remarks to actually absorb any valuable information concerning their sexual health. So the Philly-based Family Planning Council’s I MATTER Teen Pregnancy Prevention Project is taking a more teen-friendly approach to the sex-talk. And what’s more teen-friendly than, well, other teens doing the talking?

The #YourSexualHealthMatters campaign launched in Philadelphia last week with billboards on the El, radio advertisements, and a strong emphasis on social media outreach. The campaign is focused on driving down the teen pregnancy rates in West and Southwest Philly. And the interesting thing about the campaign is this: The key messages concerning sexual and reproductive health aren’t coming from adults, they are coming from teens themselves.

The hope is that teens will feel more comfortable going into one of the I MATTER Health Centers for low-cost birth control and pregnancy, STD and HIV testing when they know that their peers are doing it, too. The campaign will run through the end of March.

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