The Checkup: 19 Flavor-Boosters That Won’t Add Calories to Your Meal

Photo via Flickr/Seth Anderson

Photo via Flickr/Seth Anderson

• It’s all too easy to glop on unneeded calories in the form of fatty sauces and dressings. Here’s a thought: Try these 19 ideas for adding serious flavor for less than 10 calories a pop. [HuffPost Healthy Living]

• Look, we’ve all had our overeating binges, but if you’ve noticed that it’s become a habit lately, you might have your bad habits to blame. Here are 10 mistakes and habits that could be causing you to overeat. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Aha! Looks like changes are afoot at The Biggest Loser, in the wake of the Rachel Frederickson brouhaha. [Women’s Health]

• Is your dry hair out of control? I feel ya. Add some much-needed moisture with these smart hair tricks. [Real Simple]

• And now for a very cute way to practice portion control. [Fitbottomed Eats]

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