New Yoga/Running/Obstacle Course Race (with Wine Tasting!) Coming This Summer

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

This might be the Combo Race to end all Combo Races, people: It’s the newly minted Run the Vineyards 3.2.1 Challenge, an event that combines yoga, running and an obstacle course into one race, with—wait for it …— wine tasting at the finish line.

It’s the brainchild of the folks at local race management company Good Day for a Run, the same group that puts on the area’s other Run the Vineyards races, as well as the sold-out Chili Run last month and the two-year-old Totally Awesome ’80s Run.

This race is a fun twist on the Run the Vineyards concept, which usually includes a lovely run through a vineyard (duh) with a wine-tasting at the end. The 3.2.1 Challenge will kick off with an in-the-vineyards yoga practice, then segue into a hilly two-mile run with agility obstacles along the way. After all that work, you’ll be greeted by wine-tasting tables at the finish line.

The race will be held at Blair Vineyards in Kutztown on July 13th. Race entry starts at $38, an early-bird special, with registration rising to $45 as race day approaches. Sign up and learn more here.

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