Nude Yoga Photos: Educational or Simply for Shock Value? Take Our Poll



Fair warning: The item we’re about to discuss is completely, totally and utterly NSFW. It’s a handful of photos that have been making the rounds on Reddit lately. The photos in question are of a yoga instructor who, while completely nude, demo’d several yoga poses and let her husband, a photographer, take some photos.

According to the website, which posted the photos last week, here’s why they did it:

For those who aren’t experienced yoga buffs, it’s often hard to see the muscles being affected by the poses, especially when the instructor is fully clothed. These photos, thanks to perfect lighting, highlight the muscle tones being worked out by each unique position.

I’m curious to hear from some yogis about this, particularly instructors. Do you think these kinds of photos are actually educational, or do you think these photos were taken and posted purely for shock value (or, at the very least, just as art)? What I’m asking is: Does a student of yoga really stand to gain something more by seeing a nude person in certain poses, or could the same kind of yogi-muscle-education be accomplished, say, in a sports bra and Boogie shorts?

See the photos for yourself here (again, NOT REMOTELY SAFE FOR WORK, PEOPLE), and take our poll below.

POLL: Do you think nude yoga photos are educational or simply for shock value?

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