The Checkup: 8 Smart Ways to Save Cash at a Build-Your-Own Salad Bar



• I love a good salad bar (all those options!), but I can’t help feeling a tad depressed when I finally have to weigh my salad and pay the piper. It’s like, “Fifteen bucks—for that?!” If you’re with me, check out these eight smart tips for shedding weight—and saving cash—at the salad bar. [Huffington Post]

• Well, this is just music to my ears (and asthmatic lungs): A new report from the CDC found that the U.S. smoking rate is at a historic low, with less than 20 percent of Americans still smoking cigarettes. Federal health officials are calling this it a “milestone.” [Health]

• We’ve told you the gym rules we think you should follow. But here are six workout rules you should ignore. [ACE Fitness]

• Remember the Travel Channel show Man vs. Food? And remember how you always suspected that host Adam Richman just had to have put on a lot of weight while filming it? Well, he did. And then he lost it. Click through for his 70-pound weight-loss story. [Men’s Health]

• How to make your home healthier. [Q by Equinox]

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