New Website PHL Yoga Aims to Get Newbies into Philly Studios

This is why I love Twitter, you guys. Because when interesting new people follow me, I always click through to their profiles to see what they’re all about. This is how I stumbled onto the so-new-it’s-hardly-minted-yet PHL Yoga, when co-founder Matt Joyce followed Be Well on Twitter earlier this week.

And lo and behold, his website, which is actually the co-brainchild of his wife, Kate Bogart, is absolutely brilliant. PHL Yoga is two things: It’s a regularly updated master calendar featuring, so far, the class schedules of 21 Philly yoga studios—meaning you go to one place and see all the classes happening, say, at 6 p.m. tonight at studios around the city.

And as of this coming Sunday, PHL Yoga will also be the place where you can buy a magical class card that will get you into classes at several different studios. So you could take a class at Maha Yoga on Monday night and a class at Bikram Yoga Philadelphia on Thursday, and you could use the same class card. They’re calling it a Master Pass, but I’m choosing to think of it as a Park Hopper pass at Disney World because, well, duh, Disney rocks.

“We loved the idea because it allows people who are new to the city to try different studios and really get an idea of what’s out there,” says Kate, who only officially moved to Philly last summer, when she and  Matt got married. “We thought it would work for people who are new to the city or  new to yoga.”

The nice thing is, if you’re a perpetual studio hopper (say, there’s one you like near your house and another near your work) you can continue to buy Master Passes for as long as you’d like. In other words, it’s not a one-time trial thing, just to get you in the studio doors.

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For Sunday’s launch, there will be five studios at which you can use the Master Pass:

Maha Yoga & Healing Arts (1700 Sansom Street)
Bikram Yoga Philadelphia (1520 Sansom Street)
Philly Power Yoga (2016 Walnut Street)
The Yoga Garden (903 South Street)
Shanti Yoga Shala (262 South 12th Street)

In the coming months, Matt and Kate hope to add more Philly studios to the list, as well as, eventually, branching out into the ‘burbs.

The Master Passes, which will cost $70 for a five-class card and $130 for a 10-class card—good deal, right?—will be available starting January 19th right here.

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