The Checkup: Runner’s World Names the Best Running Gear of 2014



• The new year is barely eight days old, and we already have a list of 2014’s very best running gear. My poor credit card. [Runner’s World]

• So, apparently, your doctor googles you. Creepy or not creepy? [New York Times]

• Looks like yogis aren’t the only ones going on wellness retreats. Here, the most luxurious boot camp vacations—in the world. [Lonely Planet]

• I’ve never understood articles that show you how to exercise on a plane. Like, are you really going to do lunges down the center aisle? But this tiny device, meant to encourage fitness while you sit, is something I think I can get on board with. [Mashable]

• And now a word about “gymtimidation.” Namely, how women feel it more than men. [New York Magazine]