Fight the Cold: 5 Workouts That’ll Get You Really Sweaty Tonight



Baby, it’s seriously cold outside. So if you’re heading to the gym tonight and in search of a workout idea, check out these five terrific workouts (ahem, if we do say so ourselves) that are sure to get your blood circulating again. Your frozen fingers and toes will thank you.

The Ultimate 30-Minute Workout 
This workout combines strength and cardio to give you a quick full-body workout.

Learn to Love Burpees
Blast some serious calories while perfecting your up-down.

Amazing Abs Workout 
Just because you’re not wearing a bikini doesn’t mean your abs don’t need a workout. Tone ’em up with this seriously tough 30-minute workout.

Hot Legs Workout
With the word “hot” in the title, how could you possible go wrong?

Easy-to-Follow Interval Speed Workout
Runners, if you can’t remember the last time you did some speed work, well, it’s time.