The Checkup: Why Evangeline Lilly Is Pissed About Her Women’s Health Cover

• Former Lost star Evangeline Lilly is none too pleased about her recent booty-centric cover photo for the January/February issue of Women’s Health. And she’s telling everyone. [Well + Good NYC]

Coconut oil miiiiight just work miracles—at least when it comes to DIY beauty hacks. Don’t believe me? Click through for 10 reasons start slathering it on ASAP. [Prevention]

• I’m sorry, but I refuse to believe these actually work: 24-karat gold-laced leggings that supposedly reduce cellulite. [Refinery 29]

• Behold! The cell-based, self-renewing running shoes of the future! (Made from a 3D printer, natch.) [Runner’s World]

• Ooo, I like: 30 superfood recipes you haven’t tried before. (Sweet potato oatmeal, anyone?) [Greatist]