Brilliant: Foobooz’s New Calorie Calculator for Craft Beer



Dang, y’all. Foobooz is ON IT lately. Not only are we digging their soup guide, our friends at Foobooz also just debuted a new calorie calculator specifically designed for beer. I know—brilliant, right?

Foobooz founder Arthur Etchells is actually the brains behind the calculator operation. “I came up with it because even I, the food and drink guy, has MyFitnessPal on my iPhone,” he says. “The app usually has calorie counts for the most popular national brands, including big-time craft brands. But when you’re drinking seasonal one-offs from a local brewery, you’re probably not going to find your beer.”

True ’nuff. To save you blind estimation (which I, for one, suck at), he created a handy dandy calculator that uses a pretty straight forward formula: Ounces of beer x ABV/60 x 150.

Not that you need to crunch the numbers yourself, of course. Simply plug in the ABV (your beer’s alcohol content) and the serving size (helpfully denoted by glass type), and—voila!—a very good approximation for the number of calories in your beer. We’ll drink to that.