Love Soup? You’ll Love This Free Healthy-Lunch Challenge



Our friend and yogi Brittany Wallrath is at it again. A few months back, she came up with the brilliant idea to organize a virtual running club called the Rise and Run Club (especially useful for people like me who suck at getting up and working out as planned). Now she’s got another fun idea on the works: a healthy homemade soup challenge.

Here’s how it works: Sign up for Brittany’s free program, and on November 13th, she’ll send you a bunch of recipes and a shopping list. Then on November 18th, you’ll join Brittany (virtually, of course) in a five-day homemade-soup-for-lunch challenge. Some of the soups on tap include kale and white bean, tomato basil, spicy black bean and spicy pumpkin. Mmmmm.

And just think about the payoff: You’ll save some cash on all those lunches out you’ve been meaning to cut back on, you’ll learn how to master some delicious soup recipes, AND you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re putting something healthy into your body. Win, win, win.

Sign up for the challenge here.