To Do: Justin Timberlake Hip-Hop Workshop at Philly Dance Fitness

Love J.T.? Check out Philly Dance Fitness’s upcoming Justin Timberlake Hip-Hop Workshop, 90 minutes of J.T. tracks and killer dance moves designed to make you sweat. Taking a page from PDF’s Michael Jackson and Beyonce workshops earlier this year, this one will feature a smattering of Timberlake’s catalogue—with some N’SYNC guaranteed to make an appearance—and will borrow choreography from J.T. himself: slides, shoulder shrugs, spins. Instructors Angela, Lael and Deborah will break down his moves so even beginners can follow along.

Get more info and sign up here.

$15 through November 3rd, $20 after, November 10th from 2 to 3:30 p.m., The Arts Parlor, 1170 South Broad Street, South Philly.

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