The Checkup: How to Train for the Philly Marathon with Shorter Long Runs

Seriously—your long runs may not need to be nearly as long as you think.

Photograph by Jim McWilliams

Photograph by Jim McWilliams

• I know, marathoners—that headline seems like an abomination. But hear me out: While most American runners gearing up for a marathon usually top out at the 20-mile mark, as far as training goes, some experts say you may not need to clock training runs that are nearly as far. In fact, you may be able to get away with maxing out at just 14 miles, in some cases. Don’t believe me? Click through to find out why. [Competitor]

• And while we’re on the subject of marathon training, don’t forget to include some strength work in your training plan. Here are the 10 best strength exercises for runners. [Runner’s World]

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• Ladies, if you’re trying to get knocked up (congrats!), you might want to start eating a 1,000-calorie breakfast. A new study found that big breakfasts boost fertility. [Prevention]

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