To Do: Truce with Food Diet Counseling with Health Coach Ali Shapiro



Some of you met fab Philly health coach Ali Shapiro at Be Well Boot Camp back in June. But if you didn’t have the pleasure (or even if you did, and you want to go back for more), Ali’s hosting another run of her popular Truce with Food program, a diet and weight-loss group counseling course that’s completely different from anything you’ve ever tried before.

For one, Ali hates the word “diet,” at least in the traditional sense, so she won’t be asking you to restrict your daily calorie intake to some absurdly low, unrealistic threshold. Nor will she make you guzzle diet shakes or low-cal snacks or live off boiled chicken breast and steamed broccoli for six months. Ali believes in the transformative power of real, whole, nutritious food–with weight loss being a pretty sweet (and natural) side effect of rehabbing your eating habits.

Her next Truce with Food program—which includes live, over-the-phone group calls with Ali and other Truce with Food participants, as well as cooking tips, online support, seasonal recipes and more—kicks off on October 17th. The program runs for six whole months, which means you’ll not only be eating and looking your best by bikini season, you’ll also receive long-haul guidance from Ali—proving, again, that this is in no way, shape or form a fad diet. Find out more and sign up for Truce with Food here.

$1,795 for the six-month program, Begins October 17th,

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