The Checkup: 12 Alternatives to Energy Gels for a Mid-Race Energy-Boost


• Hey, Philly Marathoners in training. If you’re not too keen on energy gels like GU and Clif Shot (I don’t blame you), now’s the time to test out other alternatives, to see what might be a good choice on race day. Here are 12 energy-boosting alternatives to those gels. [Shape]

• You probably already know that you can DIY your own almond milk. But what about coconut milk? And soy milk? Here’s a great guide to making five kinds of nondairy milks at home. [Prevention]

• Absolutely hilarious: an encyclopedia of all the diseases Miley Cyrus could contract if she continues to lick everything in sight. [Jezebel]

• Working from home today is not as easy as it sounds, what with all the laundry you could be doing and the TV you could be watching. Here’s how to stay focused and get everything done when working from home. [Greatist]

• Hehe! This one’s just to make you smile. Check out this baby’s priceless reaction when she eats ice cream for the first time. Classic. [Gawker]

Photo: Shutterstock