Viewer’s Guide for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon Philadelphia 2013

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Planning to watch the sold out Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon on Sunday? Good! If there’s one thing all runners love, its lots and lots of spectators. Here’s everything you need to know—from where to stand to which roads are closing and when—for cheering on your running friends.

Where does the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon start and end?

The race starts on the Ben Franklin Parkway at about 22nd street on the eastbound lanes. It ends at Eakins Oval in front of the Art Museum.

What time does it begin?

The race starts at 8 a.m. on Sunday, September 15th.

What’s the course for the race?

The course for this race is almost a complete loop. Runners will start by heading toward Center City, down the Ben Franklin Parkway to 16th, where they’ll take a right, then hang another right at JFK Boulevard. They’ll turn left on 20th and and another left at Market to head east to 4th. A quick left on 4th and another on Arch brings them back toward the starting line. They’ll then come back up the Ben Franklin Parkway and head out on Kelly Drive, all the way to East Falls Bridge. Runners will then cross the bridge and come back toward the city on MLK Drive, ending in front of the Art Museum at Eakins Oval. Here’s a printable course map for reference.

Where will the bands be located?

Twenty bands will be staggered along the course—here’s a list of which band will be where, and when—as well as at the finish line for the free Finish Line Festival. The Ontario-based headliner band, Walk Off the Earth, will play from 11 a.m. to noon at the finish line.

How will we be able to find our runner after the race?

There will be a Family Reunion area at the finish line with signs denoting letters A through Z. Pick a letter with your runner and plan to meet him or her there.

Where can I park?

Here’s a list of nearby parking garages. You can find a few coupons for Center City parking garages here.

What roads will be closed during the race?

Most road closures will be in effect from 7:30 a.m. to noon. They are as follows:

· Eakins Oval from 22nd Street to Art Museum Drive
· Ben Franklin Parkway from Eakins Oval to 16th Street
· JFK Boulevard from 15th Street to 20th Street
· Market Street from 20th Street to 15th Street and from E. Penn Square to 4th Street
· Arch Street from 4th Street to Ben Franklin Parkway
· Kelly Drive from 25th Street to Falls Bridge
· East Falls Bridge from Kelly Drive to Martin Luther King Drive
· Martin Luther King Drive from Falls Bridge to Art Museum Drive

Where can we celebrate afterwards?

Good question! Check out our guides to bars near the finish line if you want a drink, and brunch spots near the finish line if you want pancakes.