Inspiration: Read Cortney’s Incredible 113-Pound Weight Loss Story

When a co-worker sent me the weight-loss story below last week, which was originally posted on Lithe Method’s blog, I knew just I had to share it here on Be Well. In it, Lither Cortney shares how she managed to shed 113 pounds by shaping up her diet, working hard and, of course, falling in love with Lithe Method. What I found most inspiring about her story was how she started off by mapping out specific and realistic goals, so she could track her progress and measure her success. Guys, I seriously can’t stress this enough: Setting attainable goals that are clear and precise is key to making real changes that stick. Totally inspired and blown away by Cortney’s story, I asked Melissa Weinberg at Lithe if I could repost it here for you to read. She agreed (thanks, Melissa!), so I hope you enjoy it. And join me in congratulating Cortney on her incredible transformation!

February 28, 2012 is the day that my life changed forever. I’d been exercising on and off for about 10 years but never had a healthy diet to match. By that time I’d tried every diet/weight loss program under the sun and never really had any major success, and would always gain the weight back. The night before, I stood on the scale and saw a number that made me utterly sad, but even more importantly moved me into a season of action. I no longer desired to live as a spectator in my own life and became an active participant of change.

I decided to map out a plan for weight loss, and really stick to it. My motto was “Create a Plan. Execute Plan. Achieve Goal.” I put that on a post it note and taped it to my desk and created a goal board where I listed out 12 things I wanted to change in my life in 2012. From that point on I knew if I followed my plan, I’d have success and what would happen when I didn’t.  It was simple. I cut all processed/packaged/manufactured foods from my diet and sugar for the first 90 days. In that time frame I lost 40lbs – which, was impressive but also a major clue as to what had been weighing me down.  In the months that followed, I continued to follow the plan and the weight literally peeled off.  At the time I was just doing group fitness classes at the gym (Zumba, Body Works, Spinning, etc). By June I knew I needed try a different workout in order to continue to challenge my body so I decided to try running. I couldn’t even run an entire mile so imagine the smile on my face after completing the Broad Street Run 10 miler in May 2013 J!!

Read the rest of Cortney’s story over on Lithe Method’s blog.