The Checkup: 34 Healthy Super-Fast Breakfast Ideas

• If you almost don’t have time to read this post, there’s no way you had time to eat breakfast this morning. Next time, plan ahead with these 34 healthy breakfast ideas for those on-the-run days. [Greatist]

• Did you know there’s a war going on with Greek yogurt? Well, a culture war, according to the Wall Street Journal, but still. [Wall Street Journal]

• Nothing about this seems fair: According to a new study, male doctors make, on average, $50,000 more than female doctors. [Jezebel]

• Adios (almost), Usain Bolt. The Jamaican sprinter says he will retire after the 2016 Olympics. [Runner’s World]

• You’ve got to see this: a giant Guinness World Record-winning bowl of fruit salad. [Boston Magazine]

Photo: Shutterstock