The Checkup: 4 Ways to Change Your Attitude and Learn to Love Long Runs

• Philly’s busy fall-race season is just around the corner, so I’m betting that more than a few of you are already in the throes of a serious training schedule. If you’re having a hard time getting jazzed about your long runs, I’m with you—they can be brutal. But with a some easy attitude, gear and route adjustments, you may actually come to enjoy and even—gasp!—look forward to logging miles. Click through to find out how. [Runner’s World]

• And the magic number is? Thirty-four, the age at which women are supposedly happiest with their naked bodies, according to a new study. [Jezebel]

• This article is a few months old, but since someone just sent it to me yesterday, I couldn’t not: Here’s how, scientifically speaking, you’re supposed to position your body for the optimal passage of a bowel movement. Yes, folks, this is a guide to pooping correctly. [WonderHowTo]

• Introducing, the “healthie,” a selfie photo you take at the gym and post on Instagram, presumably so everyone else can see how amazingly fit you are. Are you guilty? [Refinery 29]

• You really can do yoga anywhere! This slideshow of yogis getting down in beautiful places proves it. [MindBodyGreen]

Photo: Shutterstock