The Checkup: 15 No-Cook Tricks for Making Veggies Taste Amazing

• If you’re aiming to get in your veggie quota today but are plum out of creative ways to do it, check this out: Here are 15 really smart (and tasty!) ways to eat raw summer veggies. [Buzzfeed]

• For those of you who care about what you look like at the gym (I can honest to God say I don’t, but I know you people exist), a NYC trainer breaks down the dos and don’ts of how to get dolled up for the gym. [Into the Gloss]

• I know more than a few people who should read this: five ways your so-called “healthy” diet is making you tired. (Tip #1: Eat more food, silly!) [Huffington Post]

• Oh, I guess yesterday was National Relaxation Day. Since we missed it (ugh, I totally forgot to relax. You?), let’s celebrate today with these totally relaxing GIFs. [Blisstree]

• Do everyday activities (laundry, cleaning, etc.) count as exercise? Good question. Click through for the answer. [Greatist]

Photo: Shutterstock