Does Your Zodiac Sign Align with Your Fitness Routine?

I’m soooo not a horoscope person, but occasionally I like to read mine (Sagittarius—anyone else?) just for laughs. So when Lululemon posted an article in which it matched up zodiac signs with different fitness preferences, I couldn’t help but click. I was curious to see if mine would be on point or complete B.S.

Welp, folks, it’s more the latter than the former. Here’s what we Sagittariuses (Sagittarii?) supposedly like, fitness-wise:

Some like it hot, especially fire sign Sagittarius who can survive (and thrive) in a sweltering heated yoga session. You’re the zodiac’s philosopher, but this is one workout that can help you turn your brain OFF for a minute—a blessed relief – and, as ruler of the liver, you’ll also respond well to the detoxifying properties that sweating can bring. Since you love to discover new terrain, urban hikes—or ones in nature—are also right up your alley. But set your watch, you might get so carried away you forget to come home for dinner!

This prescription is right about one thing: I sweat—a LOT. But for me, that translates into utterly detesting Bikram and hot-yoga classes. Not because there’s anything inherently wrong with them (I have a ton of friends who are addicted), but because I sweat so insanely much that, for me, they quickly turn the corner from “Oh, wow! How detoxifying!” to “Good God, a human should not sweat this much.” And then I spend the rest of the time slipping and sliding on my mat to the point that it’s completely distracting (for me and, I’m sure, for the people around me) and next to impossible to hold a pose, anyway. So, in short, I do not “thrive” in a “sweltering heated yoga session.” “Slowly drown in a pool of my own sweat” would be more accurate.

But the part that might be true is that I do enjoy both urban hikes (which I’m translating as “walking a lot in the city”) and ones in nature. To wit: Last Sunday, my husband and I were in New York and, over the course of a few hours, covered nearly 70 blocks, including some time spent meandering in Central Park. It was the best way, ever, to wrap up a weekend. So yes—I will check that “urban hikes” box of my fitness horoscope.

Reading through them all, though, I’d say I’m more in line with the Taurus folks:

Boot-camp style classes were made for no-nonsense Taurus. Although you have your lazy lounging days, when you’re ready to work, you go at it hard! Plus you love to see results from your steady efforts (wax on, wax off, Bull!).  And, as the ruler of the throat, letting rip a healthy yell will help you power on through to the end of each set. Results-driven Taurus will also be drawn in by the claims of classes like Barry’s Bootcamp (1,000 calories an hour!), and the structure of the Insanity workout. 60-days to a brand new you? Show me the dotted line.

Lazy lounging days? Check. Structure? Check. Results driven? Check, check, check.

Check out the rest of the horoscopes here. And tell me: Does your zodiac sign sync with your fitness routine? If not, which one is more like you?

Photo: Shutterstock