Philly Naked Bike Ride Schedule Announced

Plus: Here's how you can weigh in on a starting line location.

The Philly Naked Bike Ride is happening in just under a month, so organizers are busy gearing up for the clothing-optional bike ride through the city. An email sent to interested participants this morning included some new details on how the 2013 ride will work.

Although a starting location hasn’t been selected (more on that below) and won’t be announced until a week or so before the race, anyway, the pre-ride festivities, we’ve learned, will run from 2 to 4 p.m. on August 25th, during which time riders can get their bikes tuned up, slather on body paint, score some swag, and meet fellow naked riders. The ride will begin at 4, and will last about two hours. It’ll end at the Piazza with an after party at a to-be-disclosed location; Tommy Up and PYT will be in on it in some capacity.

Organizers are currently seeking input on a starting line location, with past locations including Lemon Hill and Washington Avenue Green, among others. The requirements for a starting location include that “no private citizens will complain/call the cops,” so it can’t be too close to private property; it has to have enough space to host over 3,000 people and their bikes, plus other activities (body painting station, mechanical station, etc); there must be somewhere for people to go to the bathroom; it needs to be somewhat private to discourage gawkers (Ironic? I think so.); and it should be easy to get to and from.

Starting line options currently being debated are:

Penn Treaty Park

West River Drive, near the parking lot by Black Road

FDR Park

Liberty Lands Park

But organizers have opened a survey where you can vote on your preferred starting location, or suggest a different one all together. The survey will stay open until this Sunday, July 28th, at noon.

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