Doylestown Food Co-Op Found a Home

Looks like progress on the Doylestown Food Co-op is moving along swimmingly. The group sent an email to members earlier this week saying it had found a brick-and-mortar home for the first phase of the co-op, a mini co-op store. It’ll be located at 29 West State Street in Doylestown, in the current home of Eden Organics, which is moving down the street.

The 1,400-square-foot phase one store will be open to the public with special perks just for members, such as discounts and ordering privileges. According to the group’s website, members green-lighted an open-to-the-public mini co-op “to get local and healthy food to our members and the community and to have the visibility to grow our membership by increasing community awareness of our brand and mission.  This supports our ultimate goal of opening a full-size Co-op store.”

The group will move in on September 1st, with a target open date in early November. Read more about it here.

Photo: Shutterstock