VIDEO: Watch a Five-Month-Old Baby Swim in Sweat Fitness’s Pool

I'd always heard that babies could swim, but I'd never seen it with my own two eyes—until now.

When Sweat Fitness aquatics director Holly Waters sends you an email with the subject line “baby whisperer” and the only thing in it is a link to a YouTube video, you must click. And so I did, and was directed to a 26-second clip of Holly working her magic on a five-month-old baby named Nina. Nina, it turns out, is a fantastic swimmer. Holly says she gives swim instructions to kids of all ages, so Nina is no exception.

In the video, Nina floats easily on her back, kicking her arms and legs and keeping her face out of the water. Says Holly, “Swimming helps with muscle movement, development and comfort. Babies that young are swaddled, so their muscles are tight. I massage the arms and legs as they are in motion. Nina will be swimming laps sooner than most because mom got her in the water so soon.”

I’ll say. Watch Nina for yourself below.