Real Food Works Now Offers Gluten-Free Meals for Home Delivery

Rejoice, gluten-free eaters! Conshy-based healthy food delivery service Real Food Works just announced the launch of its all new chef-made, gluten-free menu. We first fell in love with RFW—and the brains behind it, founder and CEO Lucinda Duncalfe—back in February, when we learned how they leverage the culinary talents of local chefs to create “clean” meals (a.k.a no ingredients you don’t recognize, no processed food, no dairy, low sodium, lots of veggies) that get delivered to your door. It’s like fast food, without all the icky side effects.

The new gluten-free menu includes options for breakfast (example: Ancient Power Porridge made with amaranth, canahua and rolled oats), lunch (Russo Wrap made with organic vegetables seasoned with Mediterranean herbs and wrapped in collard) and dinner (Cauliflower Rice Bowl with baked chicken). The first two are from Virago Bakery and the last one is from Pure Fare.

The gluten-free options are available for the five-meal plan, which is $89 a week plus a $9 delivery fee. Check it out here.