Lauren Boggi Loves Oatmeal That Makes You Poop


Steel-cut oats

I cracked up yesterday when a coworker sent me a recent post on Lithe Method’s blog about owner Lauren Boggi’s newest a.m. obsession: a concoction she calls “Go Go Oatmeal.” See, the name is a double entendre: With a little planning ahead, it’s very quick to make, which Lauren says is useful on her “go go” days. But the oatmeal, a mixture of steel-cut oats and a clarified butter called ghee, will also make you “go”—as in poop. See what she did there?

“If you don’t ‘go’ everyday, you probably will after you eat this,” she writes. “If you do ‘go’ everyday, this WILL send you to the bathroom, so my advice is to slowly incorporate ghee into your diet.”

The recipe and technique actually sounds a lot like the one I shared yesterday for steel-cut oat and quinoa cereal, which also makes you very, very full and, I’m guessing, could help standardize you’re, um, “going.” Check out Lauren’s recipe here.

Photo: Shutterstock