Manduka Releases New 40-Square-Foot Yoga Mat

A family-size yoga mat for your family room

Okay, okay, so perhaps my powers of visualization are a tad off base, but when I heard about Manduka’s new 40-square-foot yoga mat, I imagined something akin to a football-field-sized surface that could win a Guinness World Record title for Largest Yoga Mat In the History of Humankind. Or something. While it’s not quiiiite so impressively huge, the PRO Squared yoga mat is still noteworthy, in that the 6.5-foot-by-6.5-foot non-slip surface is meant to turn your living room (or, well, a corner of your living room) into an insta yoga studio, with mat space for least two people.

The just-released mat goes for $360 and is available for pre-order. They’re slated to ship on July 10th.