PSC to Launch a “Bathing Suit Hotline” for Beach-Body Fitness Advice

Callers will also get free one-week gym passes to Philadelphia Sports Clubs.

Proof. // Photo via Town Sports International

And so, this is happening. Town Sports International, which owns Philadelphia Sports Clubs as well as its siblings in DC, New York and Boston, is opening up a call center this week to offer tips and advice for how to get your body ready—like, fast—for bikini season. Dubbed “The Bathing Suit Hotline,” it’ll be manned by a team of personal trainers from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. this Friday through Sunday only.

From the press release:

Callers will be able to tone up on beach season tips like how to safely get started on a fitness routine, how to advance past a workout plateau, how to exercise during a heat wave, no-equipment moves for summer vacations, moves you can actually do ON the beach, and how to integrate cardio and weight training in intervals for the quickest workout with the most calorie burn. Non-members will also receive a free one-week pass to the club and one free UXF (Ultimate Fitness Experience small group training on a special UXF Zone) session to help them jump start their beach fitness routine in time for the Fourth of July!

No joke: the phone number is 1-855-I-Am-Buff. If you’re too shy or busy to call the hotline, you can email your questions to; you’ll be emailed a pass for the club and UXF class.