Do You Speak Lululemon’s “Secret” Language?

WWA, Lulu Angel, TTS ... what does it all mean?!

Lululemon Lab // Photo via Lululemon Athletica on Flickr

Maybe this is old news to super-loyal Lululemon fans, but for those who, like me, are more casual shoppers than diehard devotees, get this: Apparently, Lulu lovers have their own “secret” language that they use to talk about the store’s products. Here’s a little quiz to see if you know your stuff:

1. Lulu Angels are:

a) Lululemon models (a la Victoria’s Secret Angels)

b) Invisible fairy godmothers who leave Lulu gifts under your pillow

c) Fellow Lulu lovers who will shop for you if you want something from an outlet but don’t have one in your area

2. WTWM stands for:

a) What the What, Man?

b) We Think We’re Marvelous

c) We Made Too Much

3. Lemon-aid is:

a)  A mixture of lemon juice and green tea that Lululemon fans adore

b) The drink the founder was sipping on when Lululemon was born

c) The so-called Kool-Aid Lululemon fans “drink” that turn them in to addicts

Get the answers and more insider lingo over at Buzzfeed.