The Checkup: Docs Name Handbag-Induced Injury ‘Poshitis’ After Victoria Beckham


• Oh, British doctors. They’re such cards, aren’t they? They’ve gone and named a constellation of symptoms brought on by carrying oversize handbags—namely, tendon and muscle tears in the forearm—“Poshitis” after Victoria Beckham. Because, you know, she’ll always be Posh Spice to everyone, ever. [The Gloss]

• Three words: dolphin-assisted childbirth. It’s real. And people are doing it. [TIME]

• Never know what to do with leftovers? Here are 65 healthy meals you can whip up from last night’s (or last week’s) dinner. [Greatist]

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• Do not—I repeat, do notschedule your next surgery on a Friday. A study found that death rates are higher for people who schedule procedures near the end of the week. [Men’s Health]

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