VIDEO: Kid in a High Chair Explains to Mom Why He’s a Vegetarian

And it is awesome.

Guys, if you only watch one video this week, make it this one: little Luiz Antonio from Brazil, pontificating about vegetarianism from his high chair, in the way only a sweet little boy sitting in a high chair can do. As his mom tries to get him to eat some octopus, Luiz explains that he can’t eat it because “it had a head in the sea” and “octopus are animals,” as are chickens and cows. He says, “I don’t like that they die” and “I like that they stay standing up.” Near the end, Luiz asks his mom why she’s crying, and she explains that she’s not crying because she’s sad, she’s crying because she’s touched by what he just said. His reply? “I’m doing something beautiful.” Gaaaaah, priceless.

Watch for yourself below.