Lululemon’s Black Yoga Pants Are Back on Shelves

Let's all hope they're not see-through this time.

They’re baaaaaack.

At long last, Lululemon is returning black Luon yoga pants to its shelves. The pants were pulled back in March after Lulu realized that something had gone horribly, horribly wrong in the production process—namely, that the fabric used was sub-par and that the pants were totally see-through. Yikes. The company said that the issue only impacted about 17 percent of its pants, but that the pant would be removed from stores until the problem was corrected. It also predicted a “shortage” of black yoga pants, and then the yoga world promptly imploded from the Armageddon. (I kid.)

Now the AP reports that Lululemon will begin ramping up supplies of its black pants in stores throughout June. The see-through snafu didn’t seem to ding the company’s stock; shares are up 18 percent since the company announced the issue to the public.

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