The Checkup: Runners Who Didn’t Finish Boston Invited Back Next Year

Plus: poop in public pools, a predicition on summer allergies, how bad restaurant food really is, and more.

• A lot of people have wondered what special arrangements—if any—would be provided to runners who weren’t able to finish the Boston Marathon last month. Now I have news on that front: Race organizers announced last week that the more than 5,000 runners who were stopped on the course after the bombs went off will be invited to register for the 2014 race. They’ll pay a to-be-determined registration fee. [Runner’s World]

• Confirming every last fear you’ve ever had about public pools, they’re full of poop, a new CDC report says. [Live Science]

• Blerg: Think spring-allergy season is bad? Summer allergies might be worse, according to a sinus expert. [HealthDay]

• Check out this (fake) open letter to American consumers from the food industry. Best part: “Your superficial understanding of health has a great influence over your purchasing decisions, and we’re ready for it, whether you choose to go low-calorie, low-fat, gluten-free or inevitably give up and accept the fact that you can’t resist our Little Debbie snacks, potato chips and ice cream novelties.” [Scientific American]

• Le sigh: Restaurant food is worse than you think—much, much worse. [Women’s Health]

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