The Checkup: Why You Should Eat High-Protein, Low-Fat … Insects

Plus: A whole new format for your morning health-and-fitness reads! More links, fewer words.


Eat more bugs! That’s the UN’s new strategy to combat world hunger. But hey, at least those little buggers have a lot of protein, right? [Associated Press]

• Gyms specifically designed for the over-50 crowd are a rising trend. Who knew? They’re apparently equipped with low-impact cardio machines and include seated fitness classes. [Reuters]

Those 100-calorie snack packs work, if you’re trying to lose weight. A new study found that people who ate pre-portioned food lost more weight than those who tackled portion control on their own. [Runner’s World]

• Someone tested the now-Internet-famous 7-Minute Workout that appeared in the New York Times last week. (For the record, I tried it, too, and really, really liked it!). [Greatist]

• Useful: three easy stretches for tight hip flexors. [POPSugar Fitness]

• I’m LOLin’ over this: what not to say to someone who’s gluten-free. [via HuffPost Healthy Living]

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