Lululemon’s New Meditation Movement: Focus on a Dot

It's called Whil—and the Lululemon founders are hoping he'll (shel'll?) take the world by storm.

Lululemon founders Chip and Shannon Wilson admit they’re not experts on meditation. But they’re spearheading a meditation movement, anyway, called Whil, that’s meant to be done anywhere, anytime in three easy steps. The steps are:

1. POWER DOWN: Close your eyes. Take two deep breaths. Visualize a simple dot. Float through.

2. POWER UP: Get serious. Commit to something. Set a time. Cement it in.

3. POWER FORWARD: Take a breath. Open eyes wide. And go. Repeat five times a day.

I have to admit, the “float through” thing baffled me until I watched the video below. It’s exactly as it seems: You are literally supposed to picture a dot and then imagine floating through it.

As a whole, Whil is an interesting idea, I think, as a starting point for meditation. What most people have problems with is figuring out a way to quiet the mind. This at least gives you an image to focus on. And step two is great, too—it’s actually vintage Lulu, since the company is all about goal setting and goal achieving.

What do you think? Will you give Whil a try? Watch the how-to video below, and go here for more.

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