The Checkup: Um, So Nipple-Darkening Tattoos Is a Thing Among U.K. Women Now

What? And also: whyyyyy?

• In their quest for perfect boobs, women in the U.K. have begun getting tattoos on their nipples to make them darker. Because … that’s desirable, I guess? They’ve apparently adopted the tattooing method used for breast-reconstruction patients and are paying upwards of £1,200 (that’s over $1,800) to have their ta-tas tatted. (Sorry, couldn’t resisted.) And get this, the results aren’t even permanent; the darkening lasts for up to 18 months, New York magazine reports, so I presume these women would be willing to undergo the needles again to make the results last longer. Why would anyone do such a thing, ever, you ask? “So they can go topless and not be embarrassed.” {Facepalm}

• If you’re of the “Screw the Low-Carb Diets!” camp, you’ll want to read this—a diatribe on all things Atkins and low-carb (including one Gwyneth Paltrow) with an accompanying list of the “31 Best Carbohydrates Ever.” (“Best” here meaning, best tasting, not best for you.) As I am of the “Everything in Moderation!” camp, I will tell you my three favorite carbs, which I like to have occasionally: challah bread French toast, French fries and beer. And there you have it, folks.

• The new secret weapon in the Philadelphia Eagles training arsenal? Post-workout smoothies. Our sister blog, Birds 24/7, posted about the team’s new emphasis on better nutrition as part of coach Chip Kelly’s retooled game plan. More here.

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