Oh, My: These Super-Low-Rise Workout Tights Are a Disaster Waiting to Happen

Ladies, would you wear them?

No, what you’re seeing here is not a design error or some sort of Lululemon-esque factory botch job. These new super-low-rise workout tights from trainer-to-the-stars Tracy Anderson are meant to be that crotch-eclipsingly low, according to New York mag. And unless you’re approximately the size and build of a twig, I’m pretty sure they’re a disaster waiting to happen. (You can use your imagination.)

I have to say, I have one pair of yoga pants that are cut lower than my usual mom-jeans-like running tights. These particular leggings probably land an inch below my belly button. Since I’m used to wearing workout pants that hit me an inch above my belly button, I always feel super self-conscious in the low-rise ones and wear them veeeery cautiously with visions of unfortunate mooning episodes playing in the back of my mind.

So the tights here? I can’t see them making it in to my gym wardrobe any time soon. How about you?

More photos are here.

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