The Checkup: This 5-Minute Routine Is the “World’s Greatest Stretch”

This easy-peasy routine gives you a total-body stretch in minutes.

• I’ll admit it: I don’t stretch nearly enough. Or, like, at all. I know, I should, it’s just when I’m done working out, I’m done. Period. And usually, I’m running late for whatever it is I’m doing next, so stretching gets axed. But this routine, created by trainer Kori Malyszek from the über swank fitness club Equinox, is one I think even I can do. Why? Because it takes less than five minutes to complete and targets every major muscle in the body. Plus, it’s a dynamic (i.e. flowing) stretch with static (i.e. held) components, which means you can use it at the beginning or end of a workout (or both) as a warm up or cool down. Check out a slideshow of all the moves here or download printable PDF instructions here.

• Take a hilarious trip down memory lane with these vintage workouts we still do today over on the Huffington Post. Although, to be honest, I can’t remember the last time I used a vibrating belt to tone my abs, but maybe that’s just me …

• Ladies! We’ve been duped!! Bras do absolutely nothing for our boobs or bodies, according to a new study—and in fact, they may make sagging worse. Without bras, muscles around the breast strengthen and boobs actually defy gravity in their own. But those dang bras are bringing us down—literally. Yahoo! Shine has the scoop.

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