Raise Your Hand If You’re Tired of Tiny Women Modeling Workout Clothes

In honor of body-positive month, a website has put together a gallery of real women wearing workout clothes.

Do super tiny/built fitness models motivate you? Or would you like to see more “real women” modeling workout clothes?

A month ago, the health blog Blisstree posted this very question on their Facebook page. Their goal: facilitating an open, honest discussion among fitness-oriented women. Responses varied, from “Tiny/built women are just as ‘real’ as any other woman,” to “All I care about is how [the workout clothes] look on me,” to “I get really tired of seeing the same kind of models.”

In short: while opinions are mixed, there’s no denying that women want to see women like them modeling activewear—whether they’re tiny, too, or have a bit more muscle or even a belly.

Inspired by the conversation, Blisstree editor-in-chief Elizabeth Nolan Brown decided that throughout April, her site would be posting photos of “real women in their real, regular workout wear.” Motivating, no? Check out Brown’s gallery here and submit your own model shots to editor@blisstree.com (include your first name, age and the story behind your workout clothes).