The Checkup: New Hospital-Gown Design Eliminates ‘Drafty Backside’ Embarrassment

It's about time.

Photos courtesy of the Henry Ford Health System

• In the category of Things That Were Long Overdue, this: Detroit’s Henry Ford Health System is rolling out a redesigned hospital gown that’s warmer, more comfortable and, most important, won’t fly open in the back, eliminating unwanted hospital mooning. The gowns come courtesy of a collabo with the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, where students started coming up with ideas for an all-new patient gown two years ago. It’s made of thicker, warmer material; includes a double-breasted front that makes it feel more bathrobe than hospital gown; and has a fold-over closure in back, which gives patients more privacy but allows for easy physician access. The gown is currently being tested with Henry Ford patients and could eventually be mass produced for use at other facilities (are you listening, Philly hospitals?!). More here.

The morning-sickness pill is back after a 30-year, off-the-market hiatus. The drug Bendectin was pulled from shelves in 1983 after costly lawsuits questioned its safety, and returns now under a new name, Diclegis, with FDA approval. More here.

• If you hate running with water bottles (me), a new hydration system from two U.K. runners might be up your alley. The FitSip is an armband you can fill with water and sip from for mid-run, hands-free hydration. Runner’s World has more (including pics).