Lululemon’s Product Chief Resigns After See-Through Yoga Pants Debacle

The company's stock plummeted after the fiasco last month.

Yogawear giant Lululemon certainly isn’t taking its see-through yoga pants scandal lightly. The New York Times is reporting that chief product officer Sheree Waterson is stepping down and that Lulu is redoubling quality-control oversight efforts in its factories to (hopefully) ensure that no more behinds go uncovered in the future.

The public got wind of the quality issue last month after the company pulled affected pants from stores and issued a recall. Lulu warned customers that there would be a shortage of black yoga pants for the foreseeable future. The company’s stock took a tumble as a result.

Although Lulu execs won’t come out and say that Waterson’s departure is the result of the brouhaha—they couched it as “part of a plan to reorganize its product team to support long-term growth” to the Timesmost everyone is drawing the connection. Because, I mean, come on.

Photo: Shutterstock