Play Ball!: Your Calorie Guide to Concessions at Citizens Bank Park

A nutrition guide to the Phillies' most popular snacks.

Photo by M. Kennedy for GPTMC

The Phillies Home Opener is FINALLY heeeeere! If you’re a huge baseball fan like me, baseball season is basically Christmas in the spring. Between the months of April and October, I practically live at Citizens Bank Park, and I know I’m not alone in saying that Hatfield’s Dollar Dog Nights are where it’s at. Unfortunately for the calorie-conscious, the ball-park diet isn’t exact ideal (womp womp). So to make things easier, I did some research on CBP’s most popular concession-stand items to find out where they fall on the nutrition scale. Here’s what you need to know so you can decide which game-day grub is worth the splurge.

Hatfield’s Phillies Beef Franks
Where to find it: Ashburn Alley, Left Field Gate, and sections 115, 120, 124, 131, 136, 209, 309, 314, 325, 327, 414  425 and 427.

It’s a rarity to go to a baseball game and not get one of theses bad boys. (Did I mention Hatfield’s Dollar Dog Night? Moving on.) But keep in mind, each one of these dogs will set you back about 170 calories, according to Hatfield’s website and that’s without any of the toppings.

Campo’s Cheesesteaks
Where to find it: Ashburn Alley.

What’s a Philly sporting event without a cheesesteak? After all, the tasty steak sandwiches are practically our local delicacy. When fans want the goods at CBP, they flock to Campo’s, yo. But not surprisingly, the calories in these steaks can seriously add up. Just the steak meat itself is about 240 calories, according to owner Mike Campo. Add cheese and onions and you’re up another 130 calories, making for a total of 370 calories—and that’s not including the bun! (We’re working to sleuth out the cals in the bun, so we’ll add it when we have it!) So … maybe go splitsies?

Chickie’s and Pete’s Crab Fries with Cheese Sauce
Where to find it: Ashburn Alley and sections 102.

The famous fries seasoned with Old Bay have become my go-to food at every game. Even though I am not suprised, I’m somewhat disappointed to report that a basket of these bad boys with Chickie & Pete’s Cheese Sauce will cost you a whopping 700 calories and 40 grams of fat per basket, according to My Fitness Pal. While nutrition info wasn’t posted for the cheese sauce alone, I’m guessing that omitting it would probably save you a significant bundle of calories. Skipping the cheese and sharing with a friend (which is harder than it sounds—these fries are seriously addicting) might be your best bets.

McNally’s Tavern Schmitter Sandwich
Where to find it: Section 140.

If you thought crab fries were bad, this one takes the cake. In fact, you might be able to eat an entire cake, and it would still clock in at fewer calories than this monster. The Schmitter, which is made of beef, cheese, fried onions, tomatoes and salami and topped with a secret Schmitter sauce, takes the crown of Most Calories in This Roundup with 830 calories in a single serving. The huge number definitely isn’t scaring fans away though. Based on its popularity, McNally’s has opened a stand in the ballpark solely dedicated to selling The Schmitter. I’d say make it a once-a-season treat.

Turkey Hill’s Souvenir Ice Cream Helmet
Where to find it: Sections 136, 205, 305, 322, 330, 422 and 430.

It’s always fun to grab a sweet treat during the seventh inning stretch, and the souvenir Ice Cream Helmets are definitely a fan favorite. According to Turkey Hill reps, the ball park should be scooping about 3 1/2 ounces of the sweet dairy product which runs about 190 calories for both a chocolate or vanilla serving.

Seasons Pizza
Where to find it: Ashburn Alley.

Sometimes a quick slice can be an easy lunch or snack on the go between innings—but be careful. A medium (1/8) slice of Season’s cheese pizza is about 230 calories and more than 7 grams of fat. Add pepperoni and it’ll cost you and additional 28  calories and 3 fat grams. Scope out the nutrition info for addition items offered at Seasons here.

Federal Donuts
Where to find it: Section 140.

While you can probably assume the shop made famous for fried chicken and donuts isn’t the healthiest, we’ve rounded up the numbers (with no help from FedDo, I should add—they wouldn’t share the cals when I asked.) This one took some work. Since Federal Donuts wouldn’t spill the beans, I found a recipe on that I’m thinking probably comes close—or at least puts us in the, um, ballpark. According to that story, a plain Baked Spiced Donut has about 265 calories per serving.

Planet Hoagie’s Veggie Sandwich
Where to find it: Ashburn Alley and section 147.

So, we don’t have an exact calorie count for this vegetarian-friendly sandwich, mostly due to the fact that the bread is freshly made off-site so each roll is different. But CBPis promoting the sandwich, made of  roasted eggplant, broccoli rabe, roasted red peppers and sharp provolone, as one of it’s “healthier” items. Planet Hoagie Owner Sal Fogarino agrees, to an extent, saying, “Everything we put in is a good product, but it’s when you add the bread that you start to get into trouble.”

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