The Checkup: Why to Add Pistachios to Your Grocery List This Week

All hail the little green nut!

• If you’re nuts for nuts (couldn’t resist, sorry), I have a suggestion for you: Why not try pistachios? reports on a new mega-study this week, which reviewed the results of eight previous studies on pistachios. It concluded that pistachios have some serious heart and blood benefits. Specifically: adding pistachios to your diet can lower bad cholesterol by up to 20 percent and increase good cholesterol by a whopping 48 percent. And get this: Guys with erectile dysfunction who chowed on pistachios noticed increased sexual performance by as much as 51 percent. Why? Because of all the healthy blood flow. Read more here.

• Warning: Do not light up first thing in the morning. A new study out of Penn State found that smoking first thing in the a.m. may raise your cancer risk. More here.

• And the award for best April Fools Day fitness spoof goes to: Les Mills, creator of the BodyPump workout, which announced the debut of Les Millserables, a workout based on none other than the French Revolution. Best part: they say it burns 1789 calories. Clever! More here.