The Checkup: That Chunky Kid from the Nike Ad Lost 32 Pounds

Go him!

• Remember that awesome Nike ad that ran during the Olympics last year, which showed an overweight boy running—well, huffing and puffing, really—on a wide open street in the sun? The tagline was, “Greatness is no more unique to us than breathing. We’re all capable of it. All of us.” (Gaaaah, such a good ad! Anyway.) Runner’s World reports that the kid in that ad, Nathan Sorrell, now 13, has lost 32 pounds since his TV debut. And he credits the commercial with his new drive toward health and fitness. Apparently after the ad aired, there was some backlash, with critics denouncing the spot as degrading and unrealistic. Nathan turned those lemons into lemonade, it seems, using the haters as motivation to take a chunk out of his 232 pounds. Now down to around 200, Nathan is aiming to lose another 30, with help from a trainer and nutritionist and support from his family, which has completely revamped its eating habits to help Nathan lose weight. Neat, right? Check out the ad below. And if you want to read a few other inspiring weight-loss stories, we’ve got a bunch of ’em here.

• This might be the very best Ikea hack ever: two artists teamed up to turn an Ikea stool into a bike. An actual, rideable bicycle. Mashable has a video here.

• I like this: Dallas Wiens, the first person ever to receive a face transplant, got married over the weekend. Sweet, right? More here.