Meet Joey, Magee Rehab’s Adorable New Therapy Dog

Click for gratuitously cute puppy photos.

I think I speak for Be Wellers everywhere when I say, we absolutely fell in love with Magee Rehabilitation’s therapy-dog-in-residence, Ford, last fall during our Health Hero Challenge. But Ford might have some stiff competition in the Cuteness Department now that Joey, a two-year-old black lab and golden retriever mix, has joined the team. I mean, look at that faaaaace.

Joey, short for Jovana (fancy!), works at Magee’s Riverfront Outpatient Center. According to the hospital’s spokesperson Kimberly Shrack, “She is highly trained and works with patients during therapy sessions to help them achieve their goals, from balance to fine motor skills and everything in between.” To wit:

That’s Joey getting her teeth brushed, like the good puppy she is. That’s the kind of activity helps patients work on their fine motor skills.

And okay, fine, one more photo, just because: