This T-Shirt Costs $91,500

No, we do not recommend wearing it to the gym.

Not this T-shirt; you'll have to click over to Yahoo! to see it. Sorry for the confusion.

I just want to preface this post by saying this not a joke. Hermés is quite serious about the price tag.

Yahoo! Shine recently reported on the most expensive T-shirt in New York City and probably in the world: a black crew-neck men’s T-shirt made of crocodile skin, found in-store at Hermés on Madison Avenue. Do you want to guess the price? I would prolong anticipation, but it’s already in the headline. There you have it, folks: $91,500. (Or, according to a Hermés sales associate who spoke to Yahoo, “just under $100,000.” Ha.)


What is a joke would be wearing this T-shirt to the gym. Can you imagine the looks you’d get? And the sweating? (Not to mention, the dry cleaning bill afterwards?)

Alternatives for the exercise-obsessed: for that price, build your own home gym. Buy a flashy car to drive yourself to and fro your local L.A. Fitness. Purchase 2,400 women’s tank tops from Nike or 2,750 Men’s HeatGear Flyweight Shortsleeve shirts from Under Armour (they’re new!). Literally do anything except buy this T-shirt, because it certainly won’t help your bank statement or your fitness performance. And I don’t know about you, but that’s what matters to me when I go T-shirt shopping.

Photo: Shutterstock