These ‘Don’t Feed Me’ T-Shirts for Kids with Allergies Are Brilliant

If your kid has serious food allergies, you might want to get her one of these.

Sometimes the most obvious solutions are also the most ingenious. Take these “Don’t Feed Me” t-shirts meant for kids with food allergies, for example. Sure, they’re not the most attractive pieces of clothing, but for parents who have kids with allergies to milk, peanuts, gluten, eggs and more, these shirts could mean some serious peace of mind.

The brainchild of comedian Kym Whitley, star of the soon-to-premiere OWN network reality show, Raising Whitley, the shirts are meant to be filled out with a pen or Sharpie indicating the child’s name and specific allergies. They come with options for peanuts, gluten, corn, strawberry, eggs, dairy, soy, wheat and shellfish, and have four blank lines to fill in other allergens if necessary. Whitley first made the shirt for her two-year-old son, Joshua, to wear to daycare. He’s apparently allergic to a laundry list of things; his most severe allergies are to peanuts, chicken, corn, shellfish and peaches.

Via ABC News:

Now she’s producing big batches of the T-shirts in different colors … She’s also selling clear bags that have the same “Don’t Feed Me” warning on the sides that can hold Benadryl, Epi-Pens (epinephrine injectors) and other allergy aids.

The shirts are available for $9.99 at Whitley’s website. They come in grey, red, blue and orange in sizes 12 months to 4T.

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